One of the common misconceptions about access control that we hear is the perception that it’s simply about securing doors – a computerised key replacement if you will.

Access Control Systems

A Grosvenor Technology Access Card System

That’s not even scratching the surface of what an intelligent access control system can bring to your organisation. For over thirty years we’ve been working with clients across Scotland designing, installing and maintaining intelligent access control systems, and we’re proud to partner with some of the leading access control manufacturers, including Salto, Grosvenor and Paxton.

Our aim is for all of our customers to benefit from intelligent access control systems, therefore we have detailed  three key ways that an intelligent system can add value to your organisation:

Automating Payroll & Timecards

– One huge time-saving efficiency that we have seen a number of companies benefit is directly linking their access control systems with their payroll and HR systems. By linking these systems together, you can benefit from automatic time logging of an employee timesheet which links to a weekly or monthly payroll run. This makes a potentially time-consuming, manual process (prone to error), completely automated, saving you valuable staff time and bringing improved accuracy.

Machine Login & Usage Tracking

– Another important way that we have seen customers benefit from intelligent access control is in the actual control and monitoring of individual machines and assets. This is particularly true for manufacturing companies, engineering companies and companies with valuable assets. Adding an access control solution isn’t just about logging – we can design a system that actually stops unauthorised users from using equipment, and can automatically send alerts out to specified people in order to quickly review the situation.

Traffic Control Integration 

– One of our favourite integrations is connecting your site traffic control system with your access control systems. This integration can be as simple as connecting your employee access cards so that they work with your traffic barriers or, for more secure and complex sites, we can use long-range tagging technology, CCTV and video analytics to identify and approve access for specific vehicles and assets. Either way, by integrating your access control systems to your traffic control systems, you can have truly secure and efficient control over the access across your site.

How We Can help

Intelligent access control systems can be designed for all sizes of companies and ranges of sites. If you’d like to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from access control systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange for a no-obligation meeting with one of our team.