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For nearly a decade Reveal has designed and built award-winning smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems. Reveal currently supply and support cameras and software in 40+ countries to police, prisons, local government and private security.

What Reveal says about us

“We are proud to work with Scottish Communications who share our commitment to provide quality products and services for our customers. Their experience and proven knowledge of the sector makes them a valuable partner to us.”

Ellie Surey
Strategic Business Development Manager, Reveal

Featured Product: RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera

Reveal’s flagship RS2-X2 Body Worn Camera is a favourite of ours at Scottish Communications Group. Three key reasons why:

Front Facing Screen: The front facing screen has a proven calming effect and plays an active role in de-escalating confrontational situations. And if you don’t want it on, Stealth Mode enables recording without the screen or lights. The RS2 can record in full 1080p HD for an exceptionally clear picture and features smart audio technology that automatically adjusts to record the clearest sound.

Unbeatable security and efficiency: This camera has been designed with law enforcement in mind – users cannot delete or overwrite footage on the camera and the encryption makes all footage completely unviewable except for authorised computers. A tamper proof digital fingerprint keeps track of every file, completing the chain of custody from capture to court.

The camera head now has greater articulation which means the lens can be adjusted further to allow users of any height and body shape to always be recording exactly what they see, or be used with a helmet.

Low Light Conditions: Drastically superior low light performance by automatically allowing more light into each frame in darker environments. Better image processing, clearer sound, faster upload transfers and improved on-screen displays for an overall more powerful experience.

DEMS: Once a video is captured on your body camera, something needs to happen to it to make sure you’re covered in court. DEMS allows you to securely store and manage that data, until it’s needed. And when it is, you can easily burn, export or share it.

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