Project Description

Client Case Study: CMAL Harbour CCTV Installation

We have a five year contract working with CMAL to develop an innovative and secure CCTV system linking their 25 Harbour Ports across Scotland.

The Client

Our client is Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL). CMAL owns the ferries, ports, harbours and infrastructure necessary for vital ferry services serving the West coast of Scotland and the Clyde Estuary. The operation of the ports and harbours are contracted to CalMac Ferries Ltd (CFL).

Why Did They Approach Scottish Communications Group?

We won the five year contract to provide design, installation and maintenance on the new CCTV system from an open tender that CMAL put out in 2015.

Our Solution

There were a number of key challenges we were tasked to address with the development of this system:

  1. Harsh Environments – Given the nature of harbour sites, the equipment and design that we developed had to be able to cope with harsh winds, rain, sea water and variations in temperature. 
  2. Linked Data – One key operational area for the new system was to allow Ferry Masters to view live conditions at the destination harbour so that they could make better, more informed, decisions. This required the data from all the sites to be linked into remote viewing locations across the harbours.

The Result

CMAL have publicly outlined some of the key ways the new system will provide improvements to safety, operations and security:

  • Public safety – monitoring of the activities and safety of persons at unstaffed locations – the public, customers, and contractors. All our CCTV systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet (via a smart phone, laptop etc.) by a restricted number of authorised users within CMAL and CFL.
  • Staff safety – providing a safer working environment for CMAL and CFL staff.
  • Remote monitoring of lone-working staff –  many CMAL staff and others work on their own within harbour areas which increases risks to their safety, particularly at remote locations with poor mobile telephone coverage.
  • Optimised Ferry Sailings– RoRo Ferry Masters will have direct access to live images of local conditions at destination ports. It is expected the significant improvement in the availability and detail of live information accessed remotely by RoRo Ferry Masters, will help inform their decision making process and assist to optimise lifeline ferry service provision across all routes that use CMAL harbours.
  • Monitoring of harbour activities recorded for analysing the safety and security of operations.
  • Remote monitoring of navigational aids and lights and sea conditions.
  • Monitoring of harbour traffic
  • Record and review incidents – if an incident happens during normal harbour operations, the recording of the CCTV will give valuable information to the course of events.
  • View live incidents – the ability to view live incidents provides the best possible source of information and allows our harbour operator to remotely command and control an appropriate response to the circumstances.

As of November 2016 we are in the midst of installing the new CCTV system across the 25 CMAL harbours. Installation will continue throughout 2017, and we will be providing maintenance to CMAL as part of the contract through 2019.

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What CMAL say about us

After careful consideration CMAL selected Scottish Communications Group as our CCTV partner of choice to work with us on installing and upgrading CCTV capabilities across our 25 Scottish ports. We were incredibly impressed by their professionalism and expertise during the tender stage, and they have continued to demonstrate excellence, flexibility and resilience as we have begun to install the new systems in some exceptionally challenging locations and environmental conditions.

David McHardie
Harbour Master, CMAL

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