When it comes to business, the customer is king but, even before customers, you need to care for your assets and your employees.  A CCTV system and some sturdy locks on the access doors might feel like you’ve covered all the major bases, but there could be over areas that require attention.

Here are four aspects you should carefully consider when it comes to your business’s physical security.


1.Access Control for employees and visitors


An Access Control System using a card in an office.

Ensure you have a set access control policy for both visitors and employees.  An access control system can involve the use of proximity tokens or ID badges, but more sophisticated methods are now available such as the use of biometrics which allows for ease of employee access while securing your business from unwanted visitors.   Read our post on the benefits of access control systems.


2. Security Policy

Ensure that you have a set security policy that all employees are aware of and have access to in writing to familiarise themselves with the expected procedures should be company security compromised.  A security policy should cover various areas within the business, from the physical premises and assets to cyber-security.  All eventualities should be included, leaving no stone over-turned no matter how unlikely an event might seem.  This policy should be reviewed frequently and be informed by regular risk assessments.


3. Security Maintenance


Safety hats hung up

Ensure that you have a security maintenance contractor, ideally from the same company who installed your system.  Without regular maintenance, your system can quickly become outdated, and performance can be sub-par.  Maintenance contracts can be affordable and can save a lot of time and money should a security issue arise that needs to be addressed ASAP.  Here at SCG, we offer three options for security maintenance.


4. GDPR compliance

As a business owner or executive, you’re probably drowning in legal jargon while juggling HR and industry guidelines.  GDPR could be another aspect of security that you might be neglecting.  The 2018 changes to GDPR could spell serious trouble for your business if you don’t adhere to the new rules.  Ensure that you comply –  read our post on how GDPR works with CCTV.


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