With the year drawing to an end, we’re taking some time to reflect on the company’s growth and the exciting projects we’ve been involved in.  This week and next we’ll discuss some of our most ambitious security and communications projects, how far we’ve travelled this year and our company year in review.  But for today, read on for 5 of the most picturesque and unique places our work has taken us in 2018.


1. Coll & Tiree, Inner Hebrides


CMAL is one of our most expansive customers, covering 25 ports across Scotland.  Beginning in 2016, we designed, installed and now maintain surveillance systems for all 25 ports in addition to providing robust wireless networking solution, with the purpose of being build to resist the often extreme weather conditions Scotland can be known for.  We have been lucky to travel to some of the most picturesque and often remote locations around Scotland with CMAL.  Our engineers travelled to the islands of Tiree and Coll to provide maintenance and since we think they’re both equally picturesque, we’re including them both on this list.



2. The Shetlands.

This year our work took us further north than we’ve ever been.  We were delighted to receive a tender from both NorthLink Ferries who provide freight and passenger transport solutions from northern mainland Scotland to the Shetland Islands and Sumburgh Airport in the south of the Mainland.  We are currently providing access control solutions for the Northlink sites in Aberdeen and up into the Shetland mainland, giving us the opportunity to travel as far as Mainland Shetland, installing bespoke barrier systems.

Rugged coastline in Shetlands.


3. Camera Obscura, Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Camera Obscura calls itself the original virtual reality.  Having won the title of UNESCO world heritage site, it has been a beloved tourist attraction since the 1800s.  Providing sweeping views across Edinburgh’s new and old town, it’s a must-see.  Camera Obscura is particularly interesting for us as, in addition to providing surveillance, we provide equipment for the attraction itself.  PTZ cameras allow users to zoom in and out of landmarks around Edinburgh such as the new Forth Road Bridge.

View over Edinburgh city skyline at sunset.


4. Garigill Estate, Cumbria.

As a UK wide company, this list wouldn’t be complete without a customer from elsewhere in the UK.  Situated at the head of the South Tyne Valley, the estate boasts rolling countryside and beautiful historical houses.  This year we provided radio communications for the estate, including repeaters to allow for a wide signal coverage, aiding loan working on the estate.

Rural field with tress and hay bales.



MV Fingal

5. MV Fingal, Port of Leith, Edinburgh.

Last, boat not least, the MV Fingal is a truly unique tourist attraction located at Port of Leith in Edinburgh.  Originally built in 1963, the former lighthouse vessel has now been fully transformed into a 5-star hotel.  With 23 luxury cabins and elegant restaurant, bookings are now being accepted for January 2019.  We were tasked with installing a PA system and an Infrared induction loop for the hard of hearing.






We’re considering ourselves lucky to have been able to visit such picturesque and unique sites this year.  A huge thanks to all our customers for a fantastic 2018!