20 or even 10 years ago access control might have meant a security guard posted at the door checking badges or an infinite number of keys to rooms and filing cabinets.

Today though, access control is much a much more capable technology with features such as biometrics making misplaced keys a thing of the past.  Modern systems even incorporate CCTV integration and cloud operations for maximum security and minimal disruption.

Here are just a few benefits of access control systems for your business


       1. Safety First

An access control system can protect your business and reassure your employees of their safety.

First and foremost, access control systems work to restrict access to unauthorised persons. This can ensure the safety of your employees – and your business assets – against unwanted visitors.  In addition, access control systems act as a tracker (or an electronic version of the Marauder’s Map for any Harry Potter fans) of employees and visitors as they access areas of a site.  This feature can prove to be particularly powerful when it comes to accounting for personnel in emergency situations.  Similarly, access control through turnstiles of scanning systems can be extremely useful for accurate capacity control in public spaces.  The University of Dundee uses a turnstile system to access their main library using ID cards and sending a bar-code to students when they have forgotten their card.


      2. Save company time – and money

An access control system let’s your employees gladly kiss goodbye to that string of keys that takes an age to wade through to get somewhere in the building.  Instead, with modern access control systems, all they might need is a fingerprint or a pass code. Biometric or pass-code systems could also potentially save your business a boat load of time and money that is spent reissuing lost or damaged passes.  It’s an inconvenience but let’s face it we’ve all lost or forgotten our passes at some point. Biometric systems mean the end of this for forgetful employees.


      3. Be Greener

Office Building

Optimise your access control system to control lights and heat on site.

It’s really trendy to be environmentally friendly these days, but you can do even more than use paper straws and sort your plastics from your recyclables.  Sophisticated access control systems make your building intelligent.  By this we mean tracking trafficked areas and adjusting the lighting and heating accordingly, saving your business expenditure on energy unnecessarily.


      4. CCTV Integration

Modern systems now work in tandem with existing CCTV to ensure complete security.  Some systems use CCTV integration to record when a controlled area is being accessed.  Some system can also incorporate license plate verification – a solution installed by us and used by Johnston’s of Elgin. 


       5. Control for anywhere, from anywhere

The Cloud

The cloud allows for ease of remote access.

Everything is on the cloud these days and the security industry is no exception. Uploading data to this centralised storage system allows for remote access to a variety of sites all from one place, using Internet access.  Remote access also means remote support should any issues arise.


Could your business benefit from an access control system?  

SCG have installed access control systems at various well-known organisations including Celtic Football Club and Aberdeen Harbour. Contact us to discuss a bespoke access control system for your business.